GalleryTool sales handout

Goal of GalleryTool:
Develop the digital performance of contemporary galleries, artist and collectors!

Target audience

GalleryTool enables you to organize your artwork inventory andshare it with your audience on multiple platforms

- Art galleries
- Artist
- Collectors
- Art dealers

With GalleryTool you solve these problems.

Share (Facebook
Showroom, Hompage connection, Online Portfolio
Help Teamwork with 5 difference premissions
Send Price list by email 
Pdf\xls export
(price list, artwork list, transport list, etc.) xls import
Track artwork locations 
Track exhibitions 
Track buyers 
Group of your Artworks 

Our strongest

  • Share features:
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Online portfolio
    - Online Showroom
    - Homepage connection
  • Export:
    - Tailor-made PDF (artwork list, price list, label, portfolio…)
    - xls export
  • Unlimited user account:
    - There is 5 different level of user account (coworker, editor, uploader, researcher) all of this with different permission!
  • More:
    - Send emails to your contacts directly from the GalleryTool 
    - Tag your contacts according to their role, profession and field of interests  
    - xls import
    - Strong list and search function
    - Fast customer service
    - Statistics
    - Pay by card
    - Flexible feature development
    - Strong security

Our Story

Our story started in a Budapest-based art gallery a few years ago, when organizing information for thousands of artworks had become quite an overwhelming task. Cleaning up the clutter of spreadsheets, business cards and post-its – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Thus, a need for a better solution was born.Our team combines real-life artwork management experience with effective technologies that create an easy-to-use inventory software and sales tool for your day-to-day needs.Our inspiration? The infinite love and enthusiasm for the arts…

Our Team

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