At GalleryTool, we are dedicated to supporting educational and mentorship programs in the visual arts. Our goal is to spread a professional artwork management approach which can help artists succeed in their careers.

We collaborate with multiple organizations including mentorship and art residency programs providing art education on different career levels.


Winzavod is one of the first and biggest private contemporary art centers in Russia. It supports Russia’s contemporary art by uniting all areas of culture in one space that is open to public and creating a comfortable environment for its development. Leading Moscow contemporary art galleries, workshops of artists, designers and photographers, cafes, show rooms, studios for kids, a bookstore, and many other facilities populate Winzavod. Our collaboration with Winzavod enables their artists to use GalleryTool for free in residency programs.

Budapest Art Mentor Program

The Budapest Art Mentor Program provides practical methods with a selected group of artists to help them build their careers in both Hungary and internationally. The program aims to fill the gap between formal art education and the increasing need for business skills in the art market. We give lectures on artwork management and offer GalleryTool accounts to mentees for free.

art quarter budapest

art quarter budapest’s International Art-in-Residence Program offers studio space and housing to artists in a supportive environment. Residents, mainly established artists, from various fields become a part of a creative community that enables them to take their career to the next level. AQB offers GalleryTool as an integral part of its residence program services to help artists learn professional artwork management approaches.

Hungarian University of Fine Arts

The main Hungarian art school in Budapest, founded in 1871, provides education and training programs in all areas of fine arts. University students can use GalleryTool for free during their scholastic years to get familiar with artwork management in a practical way. At GalleryTool, we believe that this kind of experience can result in better conscious career management for upcoming generations in visual arts.