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Launch your new website without getting lost in technical details. Choose from our versatile, SEO-optimized website templates; we'll handle everything else.

"I needed an easy-to-use website to showcase my artwork and career milestones, and I couldn't be happier with the result. The team offered a variety of templates perfect for visual artists like myself and set everything up in just a few days. They guided me through a smooth and transparent planning process, and now I have a simple, beautiful website integrated with my artwork inventory database, making it easy to keep my website up-to-date. The whole experience was fantastic!"

Mariann Wild-Zentai,

Advance your career with a professional online presence

You don't need to be a technical guru
to have an SEO-optimized website.

Don't get lost in unnecessary technical details! Have an easily manageable website. Choose from our responsive website templates and place your order with just a few clicks!

Showcasing your artwork made simple

Easily showcase your artworks online! With GalleryTool, you can update the list of artworks displayed on your website at any time.

Great user experience on every device

Don't compromise on the appearance of your website! We guarantee that your content will be displayed in a user-friendly manner on all types of devices with our professional website templates.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose a template

Select a website template that suits you. Consult with us about your unique requirements.

Step 2: Content upload

After filling out our assessment form, we take care of uploading your content for an easy start.

Step 3: Launch the website

After testing and approval, we go live with the site for public access on the internet.

Free consultation

Book a 30-minute consultation with Pál Sándor Tóth, the founder of GalleryTool!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I set up the website on my own?

We handle the basic website setup and initial content upload. Afterward, you will be able to upload and, if needed, edit the content yourself.

How long will it take to complete the website?

It can be ready as soon as the next day, but usually within 3 days.

Can I change the font style?

Yes, all free Google fonts are available.

What else can I customize?

In addition to fonts, the basic color scheme of the site can be personalized. Also, optional elements such as hero image, title and subtitle, introduction, blog, event, artwork page, contact, and footer can be added.

Can I group the artworks on my website?

Yes, you can create any type of grouping. For example, grouping by year or series, or even both simultaneously.

Can I request newsletter subscription feature?

Yes. While the template does not include it by default, it can be added with development, and we will provide a custom quote for this.

Can I have unique requests?

Yes, however, developments beyond the template's framework will be quoted individually.