Something fresh has come to light recently, claiming to bring the new digital avant-garde in the art world. 4ARTechnologies is a revolutionary technology, bringing together art handling and authentication in one app. 4ARTechnologies is here to reform art digitization, authentication and security. We asked Georg Bak, Head of Sales, to tell us more about this pioneering tool.

Who can benefit the most from 4ARTechnologies? What are its main advantages?

The 4ART App is a professional tool for art handling and authentication of artworks. It can be used by artists, gallerists, museums, art shippers, authenticators, restorers, auction houses, art fairs and many other participants in the art market.

The 4ART app uses an augment  authentication technology that enables to scan molecular surface structures of artworks and to create and read out an unchangeable digital fingerprint of an artwork. Any artist or gallerist, who is concerned about trust in his/her market and wants to avoid forgeries of artworks, should use this technology.

Once registered artworks cannot be copied anymore and the technology offers a worldwide standardized method to certify artworks without any paperwork. The same technology allows us to create condition scans too. For example if a museum sends an artwork to an exhibition abroad, the conservator creates a condition report and additionally he/she can make a surface scan and attach it to the report. When the artwork comes back he/she can make another condition scan and see if any alteration of the surface structure appears.

What do you think about the art market’s readiness for advanced digital technologies? How do you educate your audience?

Due to Covid-19 not only the art market, but also big art institutions had to adapt to digital technology in order to reach out to their clients. The art industry has always been quite traditional and slow about accepting digitization. Suddenly, because of the pandemic and circumstances outlined by it, we are experiencing a huge interest in digital technology. Galleries are willing to upgrade and are trying to outplay each other with more and more sophisticated new advancements.

It’s not only important for us to educate the market, but the market also has to make an effort to educate themselves. We believe it’s necessary for all art business players to digitize and optimize their processes. As all predictions have already shown, the future of any market is going to be mainly digital.

We mostly educate our clients via webinars, youtube videos and personal visits.

What are 4ARTechnologies’ next goals?

With 4ARTechnologies we are aiming to set an international standard in creating certificates of authenticity and condition reports. It should be every dealers’ duty and state of the art to hand over artwork with our digital passport. Therefore artworks will have an ID that guarantees verified authenticity and origin.

Marta Balla

About Marta

Marta lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Spain. She holds an MA specialized in painting and art theory. She has exhibited in solo and collective shows in Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Spain and the US. She is also involved in curating and social art projects, and has been invited to international conferences to talk about her art and process. She teaches traditional painting techniques nationally and internationally. She is also an art therapist, using different artistic expressions and storytelling in the therapeutic process. Marta has been practicing aikido, a non-violent Japanese martial art for 15 years. She has been engaged in contact improvisation dance for 3 years which lead her to more exploration in performance art.