The future of NFTs is unfolding before our eyes. They aren’t just an exciting new invention for collectors as they are also providing promising benefits for artists, galleries, and museums. For those who are already into NFTs or want to learn how to turn fine art into NFT, these popular digital medium does introduce some interesting benefits. Let’s see how NFTs can benefit artists, collectors, galleries, or cultural organizations.

Benefits for digital creators and artists

Most of the new benefits for digital creators already exist in mediums like music, gaming, and movies. With the introduction of NFTs, these benefits have now become available in the art and collectibles space. Due to the digital revolution, artists have faced a challenge with the loss of authorship in their works, since people have stopped crediting their work. Luckily, NFTs are now helping change the role of the artist. Artist and Founder of CryptoWeebs, Thomas Webb, explains that, unlike the traditional system, the artist is the new gallery; they’re the marketer, the financier, the salesman — the whole shindig. The NFT can function as a digital certificate of authenticity for the work. Allowing a creator to name a rightful owner of a file, giving them the rights to present, access, or resell it.

Benefits for art collectors

People wanting to own digital assets can be explained by all the same emotional and cultural factors that make them want to collect physical assets. One of the benefits of the digital world is the convenience factor. Digital files are way easier to create, mass-produce, sell, and distribute for the creators, and they’re also easier to acquire, share, exchange, store, and bring with you as a collector. With NFTs, there is no need for storage space or the right equipment to store your assets correctly. You always have your collectibles with you, accessible on your phone or laptop.

Benefits for galleries and organizations

Virtual galleries are growing due to the popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Famous auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have moved fast as they understood the change, saw the money, and went in. Some art galleries, however, are still waiting on how to turn fine art into NFT, and the longer they wait the more difficult it will be for them to hop on board. Other institutions like museums are engaging in this new art world by using NFTs as a way to generate buzz and revenue through the sale of digital assets, offering programming opportunities to help educate audiences on this new phenomenon, and some have even begun acquiring NFTs for display within their collections.

NFTs are reshaping the trajectory of art in a way that is truly and deeply important. They are providing several benefits for artists, galleries, and art collectors that are interested in learning how to turn fine art into NFT or who already have a foot in this new digital world. Loving traditional, physical art can always be your priority but perhaps exploring the benefits of NFTs can bring you new opportunities to expand. Contact us to learn more.

Atalya Alkalay, ASA

Atalya Alkalay is the Principal Owner and President of AA Fine Art. For more than 30 years, Alkalay cemented her name in the fine art industry for her esteemed credibility, integrity, and leadership. Her unprecedented skills and experience as a Business Owner, Art Consultant, Fine Art Advisor, and Certified Fine and Decorative Art Appraiser makes her a valuable asset in the industry and for her clients.