Want to improve your digital visibility and showcase your art? Creating an online artist portfolio is a great first step.

What is an artist portfolio?

An artist portfolio provides a snapshot of who you are as an artist. With an online artist portfolio, you may conveniently share your artworks and other relevant information such as your previous exhibitions, educational background, awards, and other career milestones.

With GalleryTool, artists can create their own professional online artist portfolio with just a few clicks. GalleryTool enables users to upload their artworks into different genres, such as paintings, prints, collage, etc. and share it with their viewers.

Think of your online portfolio like an offline exhibition.

Imagine that you are scheduled to exhibit your art at a new gallery next month. To prepare, you would likely spend time collecting and organizing important details about yourself and your art to share with exhibition goers. When sharing your artworks online, these details are equally important. Providing relevant information as well as clear, high-resolution photos of your artworks enables you to attract new galleries, collectors, and others.

Using GalleryTool to build your artist portfolio, you can easily include the details of your artworks, much like you would at an in-person exhibition.

With GalleryTool’s online artist portfolios, your artwork becomes a digital exhibition with the potential to be shared with people all over the world. By clicking the “send an inquiry” button, viewers can connect with you (the artist) to obtain more information or purchase your artwork.

Next steps: promote yourself and your art!

Now that you’ve created an online artist portfolio, it’s time to promote it! Link your portfolio on Instagram, Facebook, or an official website (if you have one). While an artist portfolio is a great first step in promoting yourself online, an official website goes a step farther by allowing artists more control over their marketing and sales strategy. Artists may publish details on their website about upcoming events, create a blog, or set up their own online store. GalleryTool can also help you create a professional artist website. Click here to learn more.

Breanne Skultety

Breanne is a copywriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a passion for the arts.