We have noticed that it is easy to mix the PDF Artwork list and our Online Showroom features. They seem so similar. Yes, there are similarities, but also have some main differences. Mostly in the method of use.

The PDF artwork list is a customized downloadable document. It is most often used to create price lists, exhibition, and delivery lists, or certificates.  If you would like to share this document with others, we can send it by email as an attachment.

The Online Showroom is also used to showcase a specific group of artifacts. Unlike PDF listings, it is a simple website optimized for all devices and accessible via a link. The huge advantage of the Online Showroom is that the artwork group can be dynamically expanded, sorted, and reduced. This feature is very useful because you don't have to redo the list each time like a pdf, we only need to click to remove old artworks or add new ones.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main disadvantage of the PDF artwork list is that it is hard to manage as a large file, which can be a problem, especially when sending it by email. Uploading and downloading these large files is very difficult. There is no such problem with Showroom because all you have to do is sending a link in the email, and the link  can display hundreds of artworks at once. However, in terms of design, Showroom is more bounded than the PDF artwork list!  

Both of them are great for sharing artwork lists. The PDF is limited by size, while the Online Showroom is limited by format. On the other hand, the Online Showroom is a bit more modern, easier to use, and faster tool. It is more efficient in everyday gallery work. 

With GalleryTool you can create different PDF artwork lists in 15 seconds using existing templates. But if you choose, you can also create a Showroom from the same selection of artworks at the same time. Use them separately or even both at the same time!

Try it! 

Sándor Pál Tóth

Co-Founder & CEO of GalleryTool. Art Consultant, Aesthete, Former Manager of Deák Erika Gallery, Guest Lecturer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and International Business School Budapest (IBS)